About us

Priceless Poet Rhetoric, LLC is a literary arts, (book, script, screen, play & songwriting), publishing, spoken word wisdom, public speaking & media production company established in May of 2015 owned & founded by Chief Executive Officer Cedric X.

Our mission & purpose at Priceless Poet Rhetoric is, elevation of divine universal building on the importance of self-love, channeling high frequency knowledge, wisdom, understanding & manifesting divine self-mastery. Our areas of focus include Literary Arts, & Godcasts, with a targeted approach on Divine concentration of Speaking Truth to Power & Edutainment. Speaking engagements & seminar areas of specialization include at risk youth, young adults, those re-entering society as well as those seeking Divine spiritual rehabilitation.

Cedric X is a Divine visionary, writer (story, script, screen,play & songwriter), divine truth orator, self-mastery enlightener spoken word wisdom poet & an inspirational teacher, born & raised in Rochester, New York. During his upbringing on the southwest side of the city of Rochester, Cedric was a diligent studious scholar when it came to academics. While attending Edison Tech High school he was acknowledged by the Urban League of Rochester, N.Y., Inc. for the Black Scholars Early Recognition Program for academic achievement. Cedric was also the Junior & Senior Class President of his graduating class, class of 2000. Coming up Cedric was influenced by leaders & speakers such as Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou & Muhammad Ali. He was inspired to write and uplift the consciousness of the original people since a youth. Cedric has been writing poetry since his early teenage years. He states writing for him is therapeutic.

Cedric utilizes that same therapeutic energy when building with the youth & elders while engaging in the meeting of the minds. He thrives on finding the best part of every individual & strives to strengthen their love for self with every word delivered. Cedric X has spoken at several schools, youth events, re-entry centers & churches. Cedric X became a registered Muslim in the Nation of Islam December 2018, following the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the Divine leadership of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Cedric has script written & starred in commercials. He released his debut album May 11th 2020, spoken word wisdom opus Poetic Sign of the Times: Fruit of Supreme Wisdom.

His Godcast Solution:Separation 10/90 reveals with Actual Facts the Divine Light & Life giving teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as taught by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, are without shadow of doubt relevant in today’s dispensation of time & are the Divine keys to the success of the The Asiatic, Aboriginal & Indigenous beings of North AmeriKKKa. Hosted by Cedric X with Jason Muhammad & Student Minister Bro. Kenneth Muhammad.

His Godcast Hour of Truth & Power, High Frequency Enlightenment with focus on the duality of Divinity & Metaphysical wisdom, self-love, self-mastery & mental health. Host Cedric X.

Both of the godcasts Solution:Separation 10/90 & Hour of Truth & Power are a Priceless Poet Rhetoric, LLC production. Tune in to the godcasts on anchor.fm.

As of December 2020, Cedric became a registered member of the prestigious Black Speakers Network. Book & hire Divine truth orator, writer Cedric X for your next speaking engagement, conference, seminar, media, writing & hosting needs.

Divine Supreme Conscious Elevation!